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Being A Part Of The PDM Network

People express the desire to be part of the PDM Network. Some pray for us, some are trained by us and others are licensed and ordained through us. Others sow financially into PDM and this allows our ministry to care for local churches, have an international outreach and provide support for those God puts on our heart. At whatever level people feel God calling them to, we deeply appreciate it.

Esther and I sow from a biblical perspective of “up”, “out” and “into”. That is, we give our tithes “up”  to those we recognize as our spiritual oversight, or parents in the Lord. This releases them to do the work of the ministry they are called to. We give “out” in love offerings to support ministries that feed us spiritually. This kind of giving brings personal growth and future harvest. Finally we give “into”. This means we give into specific needs as God directs, which brings provision to others where it may be most effective. This is also the biblical pattern of giving we have establish for those who are called to be part of the PDM Network. All of this is set in place and flows out of godly love, mutual honor and intimate personal relationships.


Those who give "into" our ministry in any amount on a monthly basis are at the “Fellowship” level. They recognize our calling and choose to help us financially do what we do best. We deeply appreciate all those who partner with us this way. By giving "into" PDM our basic ministry expenses are met and we are able to produce and give away more of our books, booklets and CD's.  With this support we all work together to touch people around the world.



There are those who sow "out" to our ministry and bless PDM monthly because they desire to be developed by us. These people are at the “Mentorship” level. This is open to anyone who is looking to be trained, developed and more accurately use their gifts. Secondly, this is especially beneficial to those who believe they are called to any level of "five-fold" ministry. The spiritual nature God placed in everyone answering their call, needs to be defined and nurtured so it can more effectively demonstrate the Kingdom in that sphere of influence. If you are a congregation member,  this will make a difference in how you serve your pastor and local church. If you are already licensed or ordained, "Mentorship" will help develop and release your spiritual life and your "gift mix".

Mentorship is especially beneficial for those who are identified at any level of prophetic ministry. It is important for prophets to be trained, developed, corrected and encouraged. They need opportunities to refine their gifts, develop their character and learn to release what they have in ways that will bring the highest benefit. We provide opportunities for those we mentor to join us on location in order to be developed in the spiritual atmosphere of other churches. In addition, it is vital for young prophets to personally connect with other prophets in order to better understand how to work together. Through relationships and friendships with those who have the same calling, prophets can be brought to a higher level of personal growth and find new ministry connections. Those desiring mentorship sow a specific amount monthly into PDM, as God so lays it on their heart.

Sonship (Sons & Daughters):

There are also those who sow "up" to our ministry because God has called them to be our "sons and daughters" in the Lord. These are God-ordained relationships between Prophets Bill & Esther Emmons and those God has connected to them. These people may have been personally raised up under PDM, or they may recognize a divine call to be joined to PDM. This is a unique and sacred relationship that is very personal and highly relational. It respects the calling and authority Bill and Esther have as prophets and "spiritual parents" to those who look to them. These people honor the Emmons’ biblically, and they in turn honor and impart their lives, spiritual DNA and blessings to those who are under their care.

In this personally connected and spiritually honoring relationship, we remain transparent and supportive of each other at every level. PDM provides ordination and spiritual oversight, along with shared ministry opportunities. We provide personal guidance, instruction and correction when needed. There is encouragement, life and ministry adjustment, prayer covering, personal support and all else that is designed by God to fully develop and release sons and daughters into their unique Kingdom expression. We encourage sons and daughters to join us on location for training, or join us as we travel globally in different ministry opportunities.

Sons and daughters are ministers on their own right and they choose to honor us by tithing “up” to Prophetic Destiny Ministry. This is because they look to us as their spiritual oversight in the Lord. Through this personal relationship they walk in the pattern of biblical giving and in turn this releases Prophets Bill & Esther into their calling so they can build the Church and the next generation of believers. We encourage our sons and daughters to become a part of Matranatha Mministerial Fellowship International, and for those who desire it, the PDM Network pays the yearly MMFI fellowship fee on their behalf.

If you feel God is directing you to be part of the PDM Network at any level,  please let us know and we will be happy to talk with you about it. Our email is:


"Building The Kingdom One Life And One Relationship At A Time"